Sunday, January 27, 2013

International Shipping Rate Increase

Shipping to Canada, Mexico and overseas went up today. Rates in the US are about the same. LPs are costing about $20 to ship overseas now ($13.50 to Canada, $18.50 to Mexico), which is a total bummer. To save money, order more than one record or pool together with your friends to order as many records as possible. This is the best way to keep shipping prices down. For example, European customers ordering two LPs will pay $24.25 in shipping, versus $20.00 for a single record.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


These babies arrived today and they sure are pretty! The cover art is quite striking in black and metallic silver and it comes with a giant 11x22 poster with lyrics on the back side.

"Usnea fuse elements of funeral and death doom, sludge metal, black metal, and esoteric drone. Oppressive tone and volume combine with lyrics searching for meaning in a world full of oppression, human hierarchy and bleakness and fueled by the anger and despondency that are it's by-product... perhaps in the liberation of negativity we are truly freed."

Listen here:

Track Listing:
Side A. Chaoskampf 12:47
Side B. Brazen Bull of Phalaris 17:30

Bonus Tracks on Digital Download:
1. Monuments to Avarice 14:22
2. Empirical Evidence of a Deranged God 10:21

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ninth Moon Black - Chronophage LP OUT NOW!

These were delayed a few months due to a fuck up at the plant. On top of them taking forever to press them in the first place. But hey, I'm just stoked they're here!

Order here:

"Dark, oppressive, instrumental post rock mixed with prog, psych, & doom . . .If your tastes include bands like Neurosis, ISIS, and Pelican, Chronophage is certainly going to be right up your alley, as Ninth Moon Black have really conjured up a dark, twisted listening experience here that creates some serious tension and drama." - Sea of Tranquility